S-Factor 3 Video Workshop at 2013 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Following our previous successes (2010, 2011, and 2012 winter meetings), at the 2013 meeting in New Orleans (February 17-22), we will conduct the S-Factor Video Workshop once again.  Randy Olson, the marine biologist–turned filmmaker, will bring his Hollywood “S Team” for expert critiques.  Randy has written and directed films about the oceans (his Shifting Baselines shorts), evolutionary biology (“Flock of Dodos”) and climate change (“Sizzle”), authored the book Don’t Be Such a Scientist, and for 2013 has a new historical documentary about a part of World War II featuring the voices of Richard Dreyfuss, Martin Sheen, and Brian Dennehy.   As he did for the 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting, he will bring two Hollywood veterans:  Dorie Barton, script analyst and actress (e.g, Meet the Fockers, Down with Love) and Brian Palermo, improv instructor and actor (e.g., The Social Network, Disney’s Girl VS. Monster) to join him on the S Factor Panel and other workshops in New Orleans.

WE WANT YOUR SHORT VIDEOS!  As with previous S Factor Workshops, we want you to submit your videos explaining aquatic science for lay public consumption. We will select 10 for presentation and analysis, which (believe it or not) is fun and informative for everyone, including the filmmaker. The workshop will occur in two parts: Monday at the mid-day lunch break and Tuesday evening. As in the past, videos must not exceed 5 minutes and should be in YouTube format.  We will open our website for submission of videos in December, but wanted to get you thinking about submitting a video.  If you have any questions, contact Jon Sharp (jsharp at UDel Edu>

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